Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Future Tense

Once again the long dark has enfolded the heavens, the coyote choristers serenade the rolling hills, and a chill breeze breaks across a frozen lake. Once again I remain sleepless, my mind roiling with a thousand thoughts, schemes, and machinations, and once again I fill this page with my inanity, and insanity. This is not the first time, nor will it be the last as I am certain it shall occur once more, or perhaps more than that. Life drifts by at an idyllic pace, or at a headlong run, and we do our best to keep up. Confusion, and turmoil seem to be our lot in this world, thistles from out of Eden came, but at least the future is unseen. Some things are best left as a surprise.
My thoughts at times wander, and I try to determine an algorithm that will allow faster than light travel, for I have always thought that Euclidean geometry was terribly lacking, and that our current idea of physics could be more than mistaken. It is not within my grasp as I tap out this paltry note to posterity, but in the wee hours of the night some times I can see it, but as slumber fades so does the memory. It has been said that if you can imagine it we can build it, so I can imagine FTL. It is not the insanity it first appears to be, science has proven the existence of particles moving faster than light, I believe they are called Myons with a weight of 0.005Ev, though how they caught and weighed one I do not know.
It is of other things that I consider also, love or lack thereof, marriage - but to whom. I have written letters to the girl in my dreams, but I never know whom she may be, her face changes and shifts with the dreams. Sometimes she is this person, sometimes she is another, sometimes she is a Wolf bitch, ( or perhaps a were wolf). The various faces represent her various qualities, and attributes, her frailties and flaws. Even in my dreams I cannot imagine a perfect woman, perhaps my dreams must have some basis in realty. However, if I can dream it it can exist, that's what the technicians claim. It is, however, a little disconcerting to have a dream where I am kissing a beautiful young woman, and all of a sudden she morphs into a wolf bitch, even if her pelt is black.
At least I have never had a dream in which my bride has done this, that I think would be even worse than the talking lions, squirrels, and badgers, that seem to follow my dream bride around. So perhaps the girl I finally marry will merely speak to animals, but not change into one, even though wolves do mate for life. What has any of this to do with reality? Maybe nothing, then again dreams are the foundation of our realities, without dreams reality would be depressingly boring. Perchance my reality is just as screwy as my dreams, or it could just be a take on reality through my highly colorful imagination. IS this not what affects our concepts of love in the first place, our various takes on reality?
But I could be wrong, what is your opinion?

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