Friday, April 11, 2008


It is easy, in the long reaches of the night, to find myself lost in musings, on any number of subjects. The stars burn their ice fire above, whilst a lone scribe belabors his quill upon a scratched parchment, bleeding ink like ochre from the wound of his mind, at last pouring forth upon a page a travail of misery. Perhaps this may seem dismal, but then all great artists must suffer right? But perhaps it is the very act of which a magic is created, the words dance to a masters command, seem to leap from the very page, drawing images in ones mind, and is this not the magic of the scribe?
I enjoy writing, unfortunately the very act of writing can be very exhausting, but the work, when finished can express, and cause many emotions in the reader, but it is a product of the magic of creation, which lingers long in the air. Notice I use the word magic a lot? I have come across people in my sojourning that have the strangest beliefs, for instance they have this idea that anything called magic is inherently evil, so I persist in calling such things as this magic, for their benefit, and edification. Magic, as I understand it is neither good nor evil, it is merely the use that is put to that makes it so. If I conjure a coin from anothers ear, it has nothing to do with evil, merely science; if I create a story that draws pictures in the readers mind is that not also science, or magic if you will?
If anything one does not understand automatically is labeled evil, then I must, perforce declare emotions like fear evil. Is not this much like magic, I lack the understanding of this, like one may lack the knowledge of coin or card tricks. So if Understanding is lacking, Knowledge must be obtained, to deny this is to control education, and a result will be a failure. My mind is on this as I see the hash being made of the Canadian education system, where a child may graduate without ever having learned to spell, or calculate in their heads. In this system a child may even graduate without ever having learned the price paid for their freedom, as their history ends in the era I was born in. Whomever forgets the past is doomed to repeat it, and I do not wish to see this occur. In my point of view they are being taught to be sheep, and will willingly march to their doom, merely because somebody told them to, of course they would be unable to think creatively, so would be unable to conceptualise escape.
But that's just my opinion.

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