Wednesday, April 9, 2008


The Beach
I'll stand on the beach on the edge of eternity
I'll stay and count the sands of time
I'll wait till I find you
I'll pay court to you with prose and rhyme
you'll know that I do love you true
together on the beach on the edge of eternity

We'll stay on the beach and watch the tide
We'll stride along, past the rocks of disaster
we'll be happy once more
we'll tarry or run, go along slower, or faster
You'll know it's love, mi amore
as we stay on the beach and watch the tide

You'll dance in the water, twixt the shore and sea
You'll know you have captured my heart
You'll be mine and I'll be yours
You'll own my love in whole, not in part
You're the one I love and adore
as you dance in the water twixt the shore and sea


The night was black as satin,
the moon danced gaily in a cloudless sky
the aroma of jasmine drifted by
as by a garden pool, you and I
declared love eternal, undyin'

The stars sang beauteously
the eastern winds breezed through
and played your hair, danced about you
overhead a bird spoke of love so true
and your eyes laughed flirtatiously

Silk your skin, spun gold your hair
you a beauty, me the beast, by a garden pool
the moon is silver and full, yes I'm the fool
I speak in rough barbaric talk as a rule
to wax long on love is to declare

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