Tuesday, April 8, 2008


As my last post suggested, I write poetry, and because the last post was on the subject of love, I will provide y'all a love poem. Yes, I wrote it, and some time ago too. In fact I think that I may add some of my poetry with every posting, so long as it fits with the general theme.

How long can I live this way
alone, by myself, no one to share
when can I give my love away
to a lady for whom I respect and care

I see a sunset, the colors of dusk
I see Homer's wine dark seas
I smell jasmine, or is it your musk
upon the air, a dancin' in the trees

I see the mountains, all a fire
the mist a swirlling on the river
I hear your voice, upon a spire
it kisses my cheek, caresses till I shiver

I feel you at my side mi amore
I see you upon my horizon
and sure I am the one you adore
cause I see your heart, mi corazon

I want to hold you, amaguita
and to never let you go
I want to marry you, chicita
this you need to know.

This is probaby the best love poem I have written, but some people may disagree, as any good artist I try to view a subject from different angles, and view points. Some times I look into a possible future, and other times I watch the past, and always I write what I see. This is merely a warning should some day I write a post on something that appears to have little time sense, (is it past, present or still to come), like some thing on politics, or theology, or philosophy. Any poem attached to such a blog will be of a similar theme, and likely just as hard to understand.
But I think that love is a good subject to continue upon, with rabbit trails now and then, to prevent monotony.

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