Friday, April 18, 2008

Two More Poems

Implosive Stresses
It's a fast paced world
No time for second thought
set upon by corporate parasites
masters without neophytes
the North wind's wrath unfurled
like student forgetting lessons taught

Crush the fragrance from the flower
Ignoring virtuosity of stillness
and rest comes in an early grave
is it too late for us to save
have we lost control of the power
can we no longer embrace stillness

In a concrete, obsolete metaphor
With painted flowers, silk roses
and time is a crime to waste
food is bland, no time for taste
tasteless fakes, and always wanting more
and the rural life, a threat it poses

So, to slow, to stop and flowers smell
Five will get you one or two
and pesticide applied at certain sites
may stop or slow aforementioned parasites
but perhaps it is too late, even Rome fell
perhaps merely postponed a year or a few

My Life
Caught I am, twixt worlds twain
of years of yore, of days gone before
and present day, an ever changing play
for herein lies my minds great bane

I want to live in peaceful days
as cowboys ride the thundering bovine tides
or to live a Rovers life, with no one elses strife
and avoid the fight, the battle frays

In peace I want to live, and raise a family
no more to guard, protect the yard
to stand alone no more, lonely to the core
but live in peace and raise a family

But in the changing world of today
the technological marvels, are obsolete as marbles
for minute change shall broaden the range
and the rule is to lie, steal, cheat, and betray

In the days we live I no longer belong
the world changes over fast, and forgets the past
and today's great fete, is tomorrow obsolete
and what once was right, now is wrong

They call my kind hunters in a farmers world
I say they're sheep, the walking asleep
they refuse to wake, for their dreams sake
the hunters are shepherds, the dreamers dream unfurled

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