Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Winter Weather

I, after spending three months plus in the warm climate of Mexico, had nearly forgotten how cold Canada can be. Much of western Canada is digging out from all the snow, and the blasted drifts, we have received in the past few days. It made me think, (and that is never a good sign), it could be worse ... This made me think of the worst winters I had survived, which brought about a new thought; It is interesting how many of us brag about the bad times. I mean we brag about how tough it was back when, the ten foot snow drifts, the blinding blizzards that lasted days, the coldest times we ever faced and survived.
This is an intriguing line of thought, as it should be the good times we remember best, but instead it is the worst. Or, perhaps, the worst is the best we can manage. In summer when the heat is upon us, people walk about heads down mumbling to themselves, or at the very least ignore the rest of the world. I have tried being friendly to strangers in the warm times, but it would seem that their hearts had a tinge of frost upon them, however, in the cold people get friendly. Not sure why that is.
It would make for an interesting socio-psychological study as to haw the weather affects peoples attitudes. Maybe it is the fact that in the winter we are made more equal, the rich and the poor alike slip on the icy sidewalks, and thus must pay more attention to the world about. It would only be in the summer that they could be aloof, pretending to be more than they are. It should not be that way, but it is. What is worse, is the fact that the people who live in warmer climes seem to be much more friendly than those to the north, but perhaps it is not the temperature, but the fact that our southern neighbors are more willing to take a person at face value. But I could be wrong, this is but my own opinion.